Wuhan Aftertime Technology Company
Wuhan Aftertime Technology Company
Wuhan AfterTime Technology Company is one of the companies active in the field of trade between China and Russia, Iran, Turkey, the Middle East countries, Africa, Europe, and the worldwide.

company Services

  • 1. Business consulting services in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea
  • 2. Shipping and clearance of goods (air – sea) from China
  • 3. Inquiring prices, getting proforma, invoices from companies and factories
  • 4. carrying out inspection, quality control, packaging
  • 5. Send container cargo to all ports of the world.
  • 6. Production management and simulation of industrial goods in China.
  • 7. Your company in China exhibitions.
  • 8. Prepare and send samples of goods from China
  • 9. Consulting international projects using Chinese technologies.
  • 10- Purchasing and sending raw materials, tools and industrial machines, production lines and agriculture.
  • 11- Purchasing and sending equipment and tools of Chinese factories
  • 12- Sales and purchase agency, conducting negotiations with companies and factories
  • 13- Marketing and achieving business solutions for export branding in China
  • 14- Communication in the field of energy and oil products (bitumen, urea, slack wax, etc.)
  • 15- Standard payment with company account, having dollar, yuan and euro accounts.


Inquiring prices, obtaining profiles and invoices from companies and factories

Export and Import

Shipping and clearance of goods (air - sea) from China to destination ports


Marketing and obtaining commercial solutions for exporting minerals, etc. from overseas to China, and china to elsewhere

Company focus

Steel industry, mining, petrochemical sector (equipment, machinery and raw materials)
Agricultural sector of machinery, fertilizers, pesticides and inputs,
The raw materials of refractories are tabular, graphite and carbon electrodes and …
Electronic and technological goods
Yarn and fabric
Car, spare parts
Chemical and health raw materials and medical pharmaceutical industry
Organic and natural cosmetics, organic items and healthcare items.

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Expertise

About us

  1. Wuhan AfterTime Technology Company is base in Wuhan, China.
  2. Our company is a member of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce.
  3. A professional team familiar with Chinese, English, German, Arabic, Turkish and Persian languages and cultures will assist you.
  4. we are working with large government companies inside and outside China.
  5. Has representative offices in different countries such as Turkey, UAE, Zambia, Germany, Iran.

Why Wuhan Aftertime Technology?

 Our company by Having USD and Euro Plus RMB  accounts in china with solid background and high experience and close relationship with large companies in China has facilitated the trade route with China and the world.

Special Services

Wuhan Aftertime Technology Company has focused on strengthening the growth and promotion of sustainable business relationships with customers and suppliers of its products

Accountability and commitment to the customer is the driving force in the pursuit of excellence.

An effective supply chain manager – achieved with the proper use and management of resources.


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 از طریق شبکه های اجتماعی به صورت مستقیم با ما در کشور چین ارتباط برقرار کنید.

 از طریق شبکه های اجتماعی به صورت مستقیم با ما در کشور چین ارتباط برقرار کنید.

Part of the export and activities of the company

Steel products

Welded carbon pipes (spiral pipes, ERW, LSAW, SSAW) and non-welded, stainless steel pipes (stainless) Types of steel products Fittings, knees, radiators, caps, etc. Exclusive representative of production plant in Iran (manufacturer of a large part of products used in oil and gas projects and copper and steel factories)

Steel products

Steel roll sheets, pipes and fittings
Car spare parts

Procurement and production of various car parts (Belts, injectors, sensors) Reputable international brands Supervise production operations Representative of two reputable foreign automakers in China Advisor to several public and private Chinese companies in the target market

Car spare parts

All kinds of interior parts and body
Zircon Alumina

Export of zircon bullets The best product for high density grinding ≥ 6.02g / cm3 Causes high productivity in production Low pollution Therefore usable for high-grade mill of pigments, dyes, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; Can be used for all types of modern mills and high energy mills (vertical and horizontal). Excellent crystal structure reduces nut avoidance and wear of mill parts. Produced using French raw materials.

Zircon Alumina


In the agricultural sector fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides The raw materials of refractories are tabular, graphite and carbon electrodes and… Chemical and health raw materials and pharmaceutical and medical industry Organic and natural cosmetics,


All kinds of industrial chemicals


AfterTime Company is proud to be a major importer of raw materials and agricultural products to China and an exporter of Chinese machinery and products worldwide.
We are committed to providing quality and safe alternatives for countries to trade through us.


 We look forward to working with you in our company, to develop and enhance your current business in China or elsewhere.