Water canal construction machine for agriculture

Water canal construction machine for agriculture

Water canal construction machine for agriculture

The U-shaped channel forming machine has made an important contribution to the construction of water channels, Compared with the trapezoidal channel, it has a uniform flow velocity distribution, approximates the hydraulic cross section, and has a faster flow rate. It improves the distribution of the expansion deformation of the anti-seepage lining channel. Uniformity, and the bottom of the canal has a certain anti-arch effect. Let us take a look at the performance characteristics of the U-shaped canal forming machine.

600 mm
600 mm
Material speed
Lining walking speed
Lining thickness

It adopts vertical vibration extrusion technology to produce U-shaped, rectangular and arc-shaped components, which can be used in U-shaped and trapezoidal channels and other projects. It has accurate dimensions, high density, anti-freezing, anti-seepage and anti-bending performance Good, use it to build U-shaped channels, good quality, long life, easy construction, and save cost.

Advantages of water channel making by professional machinery

1. Working area needed is small, the machine can be moved time, working efficiency is greatly improved.

2. Apply corresponding strength pressure to make the channel more resistant to pressure.

3. One-shot molding, quick mold-moving, and better production quality.

4. Various floor tiles, curbstones and u-shaped pipe molds can be customized and processed according to requirements to make it multi-functional, and fully play the role of one machine and multiple uses.

In addition, u-shaped canal also has good hydraulic performance, anti-seepage performance and anti-freezing performance.

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